Workplace ethical dilemma essays

Using the BELIEVE IT model, an organisation can train staff to incorporate a set of key values into their decision making. That is, when assessing the values involved in the dilemma, staff can make reference to what the organisation has stated that it wishes to be the most important values. In this way, the approach to resolving ethical dilemmas in an organisation becomes less reliant on individual value judgements and more reliant on stated organisational values. Additionally, it gives staff a step by step approach which enables them to resolve ethical dilemmas quickly and in a way that is entirely justifiable.

As employees, it is only natural and expected for people to spend much in the company. But, even for a reason, the hours spent in the company becomes the cause for them to conduct personal business within the company time. Some of these may look simple and necessary to do like setting doctor’s appointment using the company’s phone lines. But, such ‘activities’ are unethical. It also includes making phone calls for freelance opportunities during working hours and making vacation reservations using the company’s computer and internet connection.

Workplace ethical dilemma essays

workplace ethical dilemma essays


workplace ethical dilemma essaysworkplace ethical dilemma essaysworkplace ethical dilemma essaysworkplace ethical dilemma essays