Why are drugs bad for you essay

Those drs. need to be put away…. if I would have known statin caused diabetes , I would not have taken it… the dr only check my sugar every 2 years… by then it was alrady higher… and when it was 129 he didn’t mention it, and at 149 I started thinking I wanted to lower it…. then I found out statins cause diabetis…. and I have all my records showing how it elevated along with the statins… it was always 99, even at 156# which was what I got back to…. after gaining 12#… losing 10 and gaining 20… It sickens me… I was healthier before I ever stated going to the dr…

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I realize that life has it’s many challenges and also that mental illness plays a large part in people who are self medicating with illegal drugs. Seems they get worse as time goes by because the drugs they take impair their connections with others even further. I met a man who seemed to have an unusual personality but I did not think too much of it – just that he was a little eccentric. We are both grown people. Initially this person was warm and friendly. As time wore on another side emerged. He admitted his drug use and it seemed like he was trying to make a change. However that did not happen, at least during the time we were together. I tried to help as best as I could, but the relationship completely deteriorated. I think prolonged drug use has very serious consequences on interpersonal relationships. This a very painful path to go down.

Why are drugs bad for you essay

why are drugs bad for you essay


why are drugs bad for you essaywhy are drugs bad for you essaywhy are drugs bad for you essaywhy are drugs bad for you essay