Urban legends essay

I know Slender Man and demons are real one is trying to posses my older sister (who is 16) so it can have a body and kill people. It’s getting so bad right now my sister actually has to sleep with blessed things and on sheets of prayer paper…me and a few other friends did one of those circle things when you all hold hands and then my one friend said some words in a different language and then we all felt agonizing mind numbing pain and what my two out of the four of us saw was my standing in the darkness then slow rose her head, tilted it to the side and gave a evil sinister grin and in a demonic voice she said all you fuckers are gonna die, then my one friend tried attacking me and the other ones body turned half black and he was screaming and trying to protect me. Then everything went back to normal after a few minutes. My sister and this demon’s negative energy was so strong it did that to us, and the two that saw it one went Christian and the other quit being a Wiccan. I saw only flashes of the images and sounds when they were shone and spoken. But it’s not only us seeing this my little cousins (3 and 4 years old) have nightmares of the demon and also see that happening to my sister. We are all terrified…PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US!!! What should we do, she keeps changing and acting different more and more each day. I think it’s slowly getting inside her. This is all happening now, PLEASE i’m begging anyone to help us before it’s too late and she is lost forever. PLEASE..tell me anything that could be useful..

The phrasing of the second example showcased above provides clues as to how we’re supposed to view this particular chapter in the eternal struggle between student and professor — we’re supposed to applaud the brilliance of the essay the “smiling” student used to put into his place the snooty professor who by addressing his charges “coldly” had implied the assigned task was at the limit of their capabilities. College lore is replete with wish fulfillment legends in which clever students one-up their instructors by taking advantage of semantic ambiguities in the instructions given to them. (Our “ Prime Choice “ page details another legend that invokes this theme.) In real life, an “essay” such as the smiling student had taken such pride in would likely earn him nothing other than a kick in the pants: Grades aren’t awarded for cleverness; they’re earned by performing the required task well.

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Urban legends essay

urban legends essay


urban legends essayurban legends essayurban legends essayurban legends essay