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I am only at Tip #2 and can already feel my “inner writer” coming back to life. I’ve been torturing myself for so long — many new ideas and perspectives to share and nothing but dread at the thought of the actual writing. I was always such a “good student”, and by the time I finished grad school I no longer enjoyed either reading or writing. Pretty sad statement, even sadder that the ill effects have lasted three decades.
The only writing advice I’ve read so far basically boils down to: it’s work, you just have to do it, set aside a specific time and force yourself…. all about as appealing as my mother’s shoe leather lamb chops. I can’t thank you enough for your approach. I think it’s going to work for me, and just know I am immensely grateful beyond what words can express. Yes!

You can save time on the ACT by  waiting until the end of a section to bubble in your answers.  This cuts down on your time per question because you avoid the process of going back and forth between your test booklet and answer sheet. It’s more efficient to circle the answers you choose in your test booklet and then fill them in all at once later. Before using this tip, make sure that you can reliably finish the section with at least 3-5 minutes to spare!  Don't risk running into a situation where you don’t have enough time to bubble in your answers even though you’ve gone through all the questions.

Tips essay act

tips essay act


tips essay acttips essay acttips essay acttips essay act