The power of art essays

BB: Absolutely. It’s also a game of telephone. Not only did Rhoda pick painting X for the book, it was probably then reformatted a bit, and then through the process of printing it changes, and then through my devotional process, or forgery, it changes once again. In going through the collection, I found all the fodder that went into Rhoda’s published books – all the original artwork, all the original layouts. And since there were no computers and no photocopiers, she had to painstakingly re-create each of them and get them all on a page.

In this paper I have argued that street art in both stencil and graffiti forms should be considered viable forms of art. I have shown that while the location of these works might make them unconventional, and indeed deemed vandalism in many cases, that they are nevertheless important both as an expression of individual identity and as a mode of resistance. Like all art, they act to reflect the artist's ideas and the historical period in which he or she lived. They provide a break from tradition and they inspire the viewer, while also being aesthetically pleasing. While I differentiate some forms of street art from others, and show that tagging is perhaps less likely to be considered "art" than stencilling or mural graffiti, I believe that street art generally should be recognised as an important part of our society and an expression of culture and heritage.

The power of art essays

the power of art essays


the power of art essaysthe power of art essaysthe power of art essaysthe power of art essays