Terminator the sarah connor chronicles wallpaper

This series is set after the events of Terminator 2 - Tag der Abrechnung (1991). After the sacrifices of Dr. Miles Dyson and T-800 Model 101 Terminator, the Connors find themselves once again being stalked by Skynet's agents from the future. Realizing their nightmare isn't over, they decide to stop running and focus on preventing the birth of Skynet. With the aid of Cameron Phillips, a beautiful girl who has a mysterious past also linked to the future; Derek Reese, a Tech-Com soldier from the future whose past is linked with the Connors; Riley, a beautiful schoolfriend of John; and FBI Agent James Ellison, who was assigned to capture the Connors but joins them after his own encounter with one of the machines. They begin a quest to stop the United States military and a shadowy conspiracy from the future from creating the program that will stop at nothing to bring humanity to an end. Written by Ron

In the first few pages of the script, the character of Sarah Connor is written as "19, small and delicate features. Pretty in a flawed, accessible way. She doesn't stop the party when she walks in, but you'd like to get to know her. Her vulnerable quality masks a strength even she doesn't know exists." [32] For the role, Cameron chose Linda Hamilton , who had just finished filming Children of the Corn . [33] Rosanna Arquette had previously auditioned. [34] Cameron found a role for Lance Henriksen as Detective Hal Vukovich, as Henriksen had been essential to finding finances for the film. [35] For the special effects shots in the film, Cameron wanted Dick Smith who had previously worked on The Godfather and Taxi Driver . Smith did not take Cameron's offer and suggested his friend Stan Winston for the job. [36] Brad Fiedel was with the Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency where a new agent named Beth Donahue found that Cameron was working on The Terminator and sent him a cassette of Fiedel's music. [37] Fiedel was then invited to a screening of the film with Cameron and Hurd. [37] Hurd was not certain on having Fiedel compose the score as he had only worked in television music previously, and not theatrical films. [37] Fiedel convinced the two that he would be right for the job by showing them an experimental piece he had worked on, thinking that "You know, I'm going to play this for him because it’s really dark and I think it’s interesting for him." The song convinced Hurd and Cameron to sign him on to the film. [37]

Terminator the sarah connor chronicles wallpaper

terminator the sarah connor chronicles wallpaper


terminator the sarah connor chronicles wallpaperterminator the sarah connor chronicles wallpaperterminator the sarah connor chronicles wallpaperterminator the sarah connor chronicles wallpaper