Stock split research paper

Stock splits have become something of a rarity in the stock market these days, especially in the tech sector. For a number of reasons, large-cap companies have been reluctant to split their stocks, even though there are some that many believe would be well-served by a healthy stock split. But one of the few tech giants that hasn’t shied away from a stock split is  Netflix, Inc.  (NASDAQ:NFLX). This has led many to question whether there will be a NFLX stock split 2017. More specifically, many are asking, “When will a Neftlix stock split date 2017 be released?”

How stock splits work
Let's say a company decides to move forward with a 2-for-1 stock split. In this case, current shareholders would receive an additional share of stock for each one already held. If a company has 20 million shares outstanding and decides to enact a 2-for-1 stock split, it will wind up with 40 million shares after the split. The value of each share, however, will be reduced by 50%. Another way to think of it is that in a 2-for-1 stock split, the price of the shares changes so that every two shares equal the original value of a single share before the split. While a stock split will increase the total number of shares outstanding for a given company, it won't affect that company's market capitalization, which is the total market value of its shares outstanding.

Stock split research paper

stock split research paper


stock split research paperstock split research paperstock split research paperstock split research paper