Scholarship essay biographical sketch

An important difference this scholarship has from other similar awards is that we do not only take note of the competence with which the applicants write their application essays; we also assess their level of improvement since their previous applications. Many of those who are awarded the scholarship are granted it on their first attempt. However, we encourage students to make new attempts whether they have previously won or not. Subject to their consent, a member’s application will be kept on record and improvements from their previous attempt will favorably support subsequent applications. The factoring of improvement in the assessment of applications is motivated by our commitment to the ongoing support and development of our members.

The idea of my first play was very much about what theater is to me. I believe art can change people, that art is for everyone, no matter their beliefs, interests, and professions. My play also centered on the concept that theater is a universal art that speaks eternal truths and values that never go out of fashion. I am extremely disappointed that the majority of people in the US have stopped going to theaters, preferring cinemas, clubs, restaurants, or evenings in front of their TVs. America has only a few modern playwrights and this is a serious oversight on our part. Every generation ought to have its own art. Sure, classics are great as they teach us those important lessons that lay a foundation for developing any personality. However, it might be due to the fact that our productions mostly focus on classical plays and pieces that theater has become so unpopular in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. Our lives have changed since Shakespeare, Chekhov, Miller, Dostoevsky, and Beckett. I do not believe that the modern-day generation of Americans is not creative enough to produce their own contemporary classics. There is a social need to empower the new generation of playwrights, one of which I am willing to become.

Scholarship essay biographical sketch

scholarship essay biographical sketch


scholarship essay biographical sketchscholarship essay biographical sketchscholarship essay biographical sketchscholarship essay biographical sketch