Rubbish problem essay

I spent a few weeks in Talum, Mexico a few years ago and was so impressed with the Mayan peoples awareness of the importance of sustainable waste managment. They are very dedicated to keeping their land and waters clean~~ my friend and i while walking out on a wild peninsula saw a 3 foot high mound of plastic bottle lids, we asked the locals about it, they said it is disgusting, the cruise ships all throw their garbage over board and much of it floats to shore. The bottle lids are made of a tougher plastic, the bottles themselves will fill up with water and sink or break down. We also saw mounds of pampers, condoms, bags and tampon applicators!!! I have known about the coastal cities using the ocean as their garbage dumps, shipping barges of garbage out to sea for decades now! Wonder if that is still happening? as well as raw, unfiltered, untreated sewage ! WOW thats how the plague got started in the middle ages !!!

But such discoveries prompt a question: If the human being is so entangled in the surrounding world, how can that being ever return to itself? If Dasein is inauthentic to the core, how can one ever hope to be authentic? In answering this question, Heidegger resorted to a great many themes familiar to religious tradition. There must be some special insight that permits the human being to grasp itself as it truly is despite the fallenness and opacity of its this-worldly being. Although Dasein can no longer find this understanding in divine revelation—God is absent from Heidegger’s argument—it gains this knowledge in an anticipation of its own end. In awakening through anxiety to the possibility of death, Dasein is brought to realize that its ongoing existence depends on nothing but the resolute decision to embrace certain possibilities as its own. Authenticity is not a metaphysically distinctive way of being human; it is just a way of taking responsibility for what one has already been given.

Question) Despite a variety of sport facilities and gyms, people are less fit nowadays than ever do you think are the main causes of this problem? What solutions can you suggest?
Nowadays, sport facilities like gym are everywhere, people can have more chances to keep fit. However, it is undoubtedly that obesity is becoming serious than before. In this essay, i will explain the causes of the problem, and giving suggestions.
With the advent of the technology, people start to become more convenient, but more lazy. Living in the computer age, it is so simple to do anything that you example, we can go to somewhere very easy, find someone that you want, or even have a quick meal. It seems help us a lot, but instead it makes us become dependence on it. When people start to rely on those gadgets, they will start to become lazy and don’t want to do anything. For instance, no willing to walk, move or go outside. Which may makes people have less exercise, and stay in the house all day, become overweight eventually.

Rubbish problem essay

rubbish problem essay


rubbish problem essayrubbish problem essayrubbish problem essayrubbish problem essay