Reverand hale character analysis essay

The failure of his attempts to turn the tide renders the once-confident Hale a broken man. As his belief in witchcraft falters, so does his faith in the law. In Act IV, it is he who counsels the accused witches to lie, to confess their supposed sins in order to save their own lives. In his change of heart and subsequent despair, Hale gains the audience’s sympathy but not its respect, since he lacks the moral fiber of Rebecca Nurse or, as it turns out, John Proctor. Although Hale recognizes the evil of the witch trials, his response is not defiance but surrender. He insists that survival is the highest good, even if it means accommodating oneself to injustice—something that the truly heroic characters can never accept.

Here for some time now I have been having really weird dreams of me being able to blow things up with just a point of a finger or fly the other night when I was sleeping in my dream I saw a black cat who was talking to me the voice claim to be Abigail williams she stated she was my great Aunt I went onto asking her why I had been having these dreams and she stated because it was your destiny ever since then this cat has been in every dream I have had for the last 4 months and it follows me everywhere last night I dreamed I was in salem and was standing in front of a cottage the cat told me to go in at that moment I got scared and woke up.. Can anyone tell me whats going on and why this cat is always in my dreams.

Reverand hale character analysis essay

reverand hale character analysis essay


reverand hale character analysis essayreverand hale character analysis essayreverand hale character analysis essayreverand hale character analysis essay