Problem solving example essay

B. Use idea generation techniques (brainstorming, forced relationships, random stimulation, and so on). Generate a large number of ideas of all kinds so that you'll have a good selection to choose from, adapt, or stimulate other ideas. Don't worry about whether the ideas are practical or wild at this point. As we will continue to see throughout the class, some wild ideas turn out to be quite practical. Just one example: Problem: How to inhibit corrosion and increase electrical contact on electronic plugs. Solution: plate them with gold--an excellent corrosion inhibitor and conductor. That's what's often done. This "wild" solution became practical because gold can be plated on very thin, reducing the cost to something very reasonable.

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Home > Resources > Support Materials > Problem Solving - examples and solutions Problem Solving - examples and solutions
MEI Problem Solving Guide This guide has been produced by MEI for all teachers of GCSE and A level Mathematics to support them with the problem solving content of these qualifications. The guide, the examples, and their solutions are provided below as separate documents.

Problem solving example essay

problem solving example essay


problem solving example essayproblem solving example essayproblem solving example essayproblem solving example essay