Pro nuclear energy essay

Shelly your calling everyone small minded, yet your not stating all the facts on solar energy. Solar energy and wind power will not eventually burn out, how can you make assumptions like that. We all know that the sun isn’t available 24 hours. Your right about it be operational for about a half a day. But do you realize that solar power and wind power, do not cause pollution. And by using wind and solar energy, we wont be relying on fossil fuels. I can’t understand why so many of you are for nuclear energy. It is far more dangerous and costly.

Candidates for the "special material" are polystyrene and a substance called " FOGBANK ", an unclassified codename. FOGBANK's composition is classified, though aerogel has been suggested as a possibility. It was first used in thermonuclear weapons with the W-76 thermonuclear warhead, and produced at a plant in the Y-12 Complex at Oak Ridge , Tennessee for use in the W-76 . Prodcution of FOGBANK lapsed after the W-76 production run ended. The W-76 Life Extension Program required more FOGBANK to be made. This was complicated by the fact that the original FOGBANK's properties weren't fully documented, so a massive effort was mounted to re-invent the process. An impurity crucial to the properties of the old FOGBANK was omitted during the new process. Only close analysis of new and old batches revealed the nature of that impurity. The manufacturing process used acetonitrile as a solvent , which led to at least three evacuations of the FOGBANK plant in 2006. Widely used in the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries, acetonitrile is flammable and toxic. Y-12 is the sole producer of FOGBANK. [17]

Pro nuclear energy essay

pro nuclear energy essay


pro nuclear energy essaypro nuclear energy essaypro nuclear energy essaypro nuclear energy essay