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An acquaintance of mine once asked me, bluntly, “How did you keep a positive attitude during your life crisis?” They proposed I offer some of my blog writing on the subject, “You know, I want to know how it was for you when you first found out you had cancer, it was like a death notice, right?” They wanted the dirt on how I made it through…and, how I got to be who I am now. But, you know, just a blurb…. Actually, I think a lot of people want to know about that. If you haven’t been through it, then you don’t know how you would react.

Science will play a key role to overcome the many challenges the world faces, and we must support scientists in developing countries where these challenges need addressing most urgently. It is well understood that empowering women to fulfill their potential in science will greatly support the sustainable development of their countries. By not providing them opportunities and not supporting this pool of well-educated and motivated women science, we lose terrific brainpower – not just to assist in sustainable development but to gain a greater understanding of our universe.

Photo essay women

photo essay women


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