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The Interns should be a current undergraduate or graduate student who will be continuing their studies in the fall, with an interest in religion, world affairs, or other topics relevant to the study of government restrictions on religion and social religious hostilities. The ideal candidates should be able to articulate how this research can contribute to his/her developing academic interest in religion and world affairs. Experience with similar research projects or quantitative social science is an advantage, but not required. Basic familiarity with Excel is required.

Muslims are not the only minority group viewed unfavorably by substantial percentages of Europeans. In fact, overall, attitudes toward Roma are more negative than attitudes toward Muslims. Across the 10 nations polled, a median of 48% express an unfavorable opinion of Roma in their country. Fully 82% hold this view in Italy, while six-in-ten or more say the same in Greece, Hungary and France. Negative views of Roma have gone up since 2015 in Spain (+14 percentage points), the UK (+8) and Germany (+6). Greeks have also become increasingly unfavorable (+14 points) since 2014, the last time Greece was included in the survey.

Pew research center newspapers

pew research center newspapers


pew research center newspaperspew research center newspaperspew research center newspaperspew research center newspapers