Organisational behaviour thesis topics

Bringing together 650 interviews conducted across Rakuten’s locations in Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States, Neeley argues that an organization’s lingua franca is the catalyst by which all employees become some kind of “expat”(someone detached from their mother tongue or home culture). Through her unfettered access to the inner workings of Rakuten, she reveals three distinct social groups: “linguistic expats” who live in their home country yet have to give up their native language in the workplace; “cultural expats” or native speakers of the lingua franca who struggle with organizational values that are more easily transmitted after language barriers are removed; and finally “linguistic-cultural expats” who, while neither native to the lingua franca nor the organization’s home culture, surprisingly have the easiest time adjusting to language changes. Neeley demonstrates that language can serve as the conduit for an unfamiliar culture, often in unexpected ways, and that there are lessons to be learned for all global companies as they confront language and culture challenges. Examining the strategic use of language by one international corporation, The Language of Global Success uncovers how all organizations might integrate language effectively to tap into the promise of globalization.

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The systems framework is also fundamental to organizational theory. Organizations are complex, goal-oriented entities. [55] Alexander Bogdanov , an early thinker in the field, developed his tectology , a theory widely considered a precursor of Bertalanffy 's general systems theory . One of the aims of general systems theory was to model human organizations. Kurt Lewin , a social psychologist, was influential in developing a systems perspective with regard to organizations. He coined the term "systems of ideology," partly based on his frustration with behaviorist psychology, which he believed to be an obstacle to sustainable work in psychology. [56] Niklas Luhmann , a sociologist, developed a sociological systems theory.

Organisational behaviour thesis topics

organisational behaviour thesis topics


organisational behaviour thesis topicsorganisational behaviour thesis topicsorganisational behaviour thesis topicsorganisational behaviour thesis topics