Oedipus term paper

Grades 9-12
Language Arts Standard 1- Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies of the writing process. Benchmarks: Writes compositions that are focused for different audiences; Writes compositions that fulfill different purposes; Writes reflective compositions; Writes in response to literature
(CTSS – ‘english’, ‘9-12’, ‘1’)
Language Arts Standard 6- Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies for reading a variety of literary texts. Benchmarks: Applies reading skills and strategies to a variety of literary texts; Knows the defining characteristics of a variety of literary forms and genres; Analyzes the effectiveness of complex elements of plot; Identifies the simple and complex actions between main and subordinate characters in texts containing complex character structures; Understands the effects of complex literary devices and techniques on the overall quality of a work; Relates personal response to the text with that seemingly intended by the author
(CTSS – ‘english’, ‘9-12’, ‘6’)
Theatre Standard 5- Understands how informal and formal theatre, film, television, and electronic media productions create and communicate meaning. Benchmarks: Knows how social meanings communicated in informal productions, formal productions, and personal performances of different cultures and historical periods can relate to current personal, national, and international issues; Articulates and justifies personal aesthetic criteria for critiquing dramatic texts and events that compare perceived artistic intent with the final aesthetic achievement; Understands how the context in which a dramatic performance is set can enhance or hinder its effectiveness; Identifies and researches cultural, historical, and symbolic clues in dramatic texts; Understands the validity and practicality of cultural, historical, and symbolic information used in making artistic choices for informal and formal productions
Theatre Standard 6- Understands the context in which theatre, film, television, and electronic media are performd today as well as in the past. Benchmarks: Understands how similar themes are treated in drama from various cultures and historical periods; Understands ways in which theatre can reveal universal concepts; Knows cultural and historical influences on American theatre and musical theatre

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In fact, this story of Oedipus is never quite finished, for a woman always carries in her the image of her father, and a man, that of her mother. But this extreme case, which is quite frequent, reveals an unresolved oedipus , in which the young woman, who is too much occupied by a fantasized father , can not detach herself from her influence. Undoubtedly, in childhood, he had too much attraction. I see, in psychoanalytic consultation, many women suffering from having lived an ambiguous relationship with their father, who never regarded them as their little wife. They had an unclear look on them, perceived as "threatening" by the little girl they were.

Oedipus term paper

oedipus term paper


oedipus term paperoedipus term paperoedipus term paperoedipus term paper