Ocr english as level coursework

This book prepares students and teachers for the requirements of the 2015 OCR A Level English Language specification. Structured and written to develop the skills on which students will be assessed in the exams and coursework, students of all abilities, through the source texts, book features and approach, will be able to make clear progress. The book offers students the opportunity to build on skills acquired at GCSE, extending them into their A Level course, ensuring that they are fully prepared for the assessment requirements of the qualifications and that students become successful, independent all-round learners. This brand new book includes the latest thinking and research thus maintaining relevance and instilling confidence in the resource. Whether students are taking AS or A Level OCR English Language, this resource offers guidance and activities to help all students achieve their potential.

Polly Stenham wrote That Face in 2006, a period in which the British public’s disillusionment with the ‘War on Terror’ was rapidly undermining the fantasy of the new Millennium. The world Stenham experienced as a teenager is reflected thematically and structurally in the play, highlighting the contradictory and shifting nature of contemporary society. That Face is often referred to as a distinctly ‘British’ play, students should also consider the cultural lens through which it has been critically interpreted. As a dramatic piece, it is important to locate the play within its theatrical context. This will help students to understand how this astonishing debut helped shape the changing landscape of British theatre and challenged what it meant to be a playwright in the early 21st century.

As mentioned above, students of English Language at A level need to become familiar with advanced linguistic terminology to attain the highest grades. You will receive notes on grammar, but you may also feel the desire to expand your own vocabulary of terminology. 'Grammar: A Student's Guide' may be particularly helpful, and is available from websites like Amazon. In addition, many AS and A Level English Language text books are also available. Either way, knowing your grammar is essential, which ever variant of the A level course you take.

Ocr english as level coursework

ocr english as level coursework


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