Nyu full time mba essays

Since joining COMPANY B, I’ve received a promotion and am currently the youngest Head of Sales within the organization. I’m constantly exposed to how IT has leapfrogged from a secondary consideration for executives to the center of whole business models. I’ve developed professional relationships with Partners at Private Equity and Buy-out firms by helping them streamline operations at their portfolio companies through my knowledge of IT shared-service models. Oftentimes these projects allow PE firms to half their operational costs. Further downstream, those savings are reinvested into innovative projects and product development at their portfolio companies.
– Generic Why MBA/Career Goals Essay Example from past fxMBAConsulting Client

I know Harvard and Wharton are the highest aspirations for MBA potentials, but there are other great schools. For instance, the MBA programs at Bentley are worth considering since they not only provide academic knowledge, but also prepare students to face the challenging times we live in--globalization, the need to adapt quickly to new cultures and new trends and to be ready with innovative approaches. GMAT scores, resume/work experience, interviews and undergraduate transcripts are very important for qualifying admission. Recommendations and application essays are also considered. All that to say - don't limit your choices to a few top-notch schools that are extremely hard to get into.

Nyu full time mba essays

nyu full time mba essays


nyu full time mba essaysnyu full time mba essaysnyu full time mba essaysnyu full time mba essays