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“The main disagreement [related to] the use of cadres and financing of activities that were not adopted by the [Brotherhood] leadership in accordance to the rules of Shura [consultation] per the bylaws. Specifically, as it relates to a project adopted by the [Brotherhood] leadership which is the creation of “strong arms,” which is a special apparatus inside the Muslim Brotherhood that is meant to carry out specific special operations during the stage of Hassm [decisiveness] with the regime. This is after the stages of disorienting and attrition [of the enemy]. These are the three stages that the [Brotherhood] specified in its literature following the coup in order to overthrow the military regime and bring back legitimacy [Morsi]… [the old guard] did not believe that this stage [Hassm] has come about yet.” 14

Even if they do not contain gelatin, they are still not Halal because they add without restriction any Haram hidden ingredient as hidden ingredient. Kosher certification protects Muslims from adding Haram Hidden or Processing Aid Ingredients which are not required to be mention under ingredients statement by FDA. MCG has a list of Halal multivitamins, individual vitamins, prenatal vitamins and fish oil or omega 3 on our website under "Vitamins". Please use this list of Halal vitamins. How to search Halal vitamins on our website: Please write vitamins or prenatal vitamins or fish oil (for Omega fish oil) under the search box then click Food Product by Category then click Show Only Halal then click search. You will get a list of 45 Halal vitamins, 3 Halal prenatal vitamins, 6 Halal fish oil (Omega fish oil) and where to buy them.

When the Qing dynasty replaced the Ming dynasty starting in 1644, Muslim Ming loyalists in Gansu led by Muslim leaders Milayin [74] and Ding Guodong led a revolt in 1646 against the Qing during the Milayin rebellion in order to drive the Qing out and restore the Ming Prince of Yanchang Zhu Shichuan to the throne as the emperor. [75] The Muslim Ming loyalists were supported by Hami's Sultan Sa'id Baba and his son Prince Turumtay. [76] [77] [78] The Muslim Ming loyalists were joined by Tibetans and Han Chinese in the revolt. [79] After fierce fighting, and negotiations, a peace agreement was agreed on in 1649, and Milayan and Ding nominally pledged alleigance to the Qing and were given ranks as members of the Qing military. [80] When other Ming loyalists in southern China made a resurgence and the Qing were forced to withdraw their forces from Gansu to fight them, Milayan and Ding once again took up arms and rebelled against the Qing. [81] The Muslim Ming loyalists were then crushed by the Qing with 100,000 of them, including Milayin, Ding Guodong, and Turumtay killed in battle.

Muslim research paper topics

muslim research paper topics


muslim research paper topicsmuslim research paper topicsmuslim research paper topicsmuslim research paper topics