Getting people to recycle essay

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Cell phones, televisions, computers, printers, and other electronics: Considering how fast technology has developed in the past 10 years, many of us have a junky old computer and a pile of antiquated beepers, MP3 players, and flip cell phones gathering dust in the attic. Put these items to good use — there are hundreds of organizations that donate computers and cell phones to those in need. The World Computer Exchange , the Make-A-Wish Foundation , the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence , Cell Phones for Soldiers , and eBay Giving Works are just a few national non-profits that refurbish and redistribute old technology. Also take a look into local charities — religious institutions, senior citizen homes, homeless and battered women’s shelters, and schools often sponsor electronics drives. If you’re gung-ho on recycling, many municipalities have special days where people can bring old gadgets and gizmos to the recycling center — check your town or city website for more information.

Getting people to recycle essay

getting people to recycle essay


getting people to recycle essaygetting people to recycle essaygetting people to recycle essaygetting people to recycle essay