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One percent of all black men in the . are registered sex offenders, and black men enter the sex offender registry at nearly twice the rate of white men, a new University at Albany study finds.

In the study, conducted by Assistant Professor Trevor Hoppe , "Punishing Sex: Sex Offenders and the Missing Punitive Turn in Sexuality Studies" ( Law & Social Inquiry, May 2016 ) researchers used public data sets to examine sex offender registration rates between 2005 and 2013, and analyzed databases of currently registered offenders to evaluate registration by race. Read More

East Asia Pacific's approach to help mainstream these issues of gender relies on a three-pillar method. [57] Pillar one is partnering with middle-income countries and emerging middle-income countries to sustain and share gains in growth and prosperity. Pillar two supports the developmental underpinnings for peace, renewed growth and poverty reduction in the poorest and most fragile areas. The final pillar provides a stage for knowledge management, exchange and dissemination on gender responsive development within the region to begin. These programs have already been established, and successful in, Vietnam , Thailand , China , as well as the Philippines , and efforts are starting to be made in Laos , Papua New Guinea , and Timor Leste as well. These pillars speak to the importance of showcasing gender studies. [56]

Essays sociology gender

essays sociology gender


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