Essays on charity

[2] A lesser level of charity than this is to give to the poor without knowing to whom one gives, and without the recipient knowing from who he received. For this is performing a mitzvah solely for the sake of Heaven. This is like the “anonymous fund” that was in the Holy Temple [in Jerusalem ]. There the righteous gave in secret, and the good poor profited in secret. Giving to a charity fund is similar to this mode of charity, though one should not contribute to a charity fund unless one knows that the person appointed over the fund is trustworthy and wise and a proper administrator, like Rabbi Chananyah ben Teradyon .

The Foundation's latest interim newsletter can be viewed . This latest interim newsletter provides a brief update from a number of new projects for 2017, including a number of business training initiatives provided for women in Beekeeping and silk weaving. In addition you will also be able to read about the Foundations continuing support in providing much needed libraries in rural areas and many other projects made possible through your generous donations.
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Soon it will be the turn of my contemporaries. Many even of these old friends are gone. I know, because I attended the funerals, or received the letters, or caught the shocking news by chance. When they die they grow younger in the passages of the mind. Even Rick, Joe’s eldest, killed by a car at the age of twenty-three, trying to save a dog. My precise contemporary, but now I search in my memory for his face and voice, and for a moment find him vividly before me, but reverted to eight or nine. It is as if they perish through birth as well as death, growing ever smaller.

Essays on charity

essays on charity


essays on charityessays on charityessays on charityessays on charity