Essay teenagers life

On a positive side,due to the rapid deforestation and depleting natural vegetations, few wild animals are losing their natural homes and are on the verge of zoos provides shelter to such endangered animals and help us avoid losing them ,the zoos provides an excellent oppurtunity to the children and adults aswell to have a close look at the animals which otherwise would be not possible to is very beneficial to the students both from the educations as well as from the entertainment point of importantly,the animals are taken well care off in the zoos with proper living conditions and
However,contrary to the above, there are ample negative aspects of keeping the animals in the zoos which many think are against the will of the animals are denied of their freedom by limiting them to the cages and regularly hounded aby the animals are depriving of their privacies and importantly,there have been numerous cases of animal detahs in zoos resulting due to improper living conditions,food and lack of care by the
Although there are pros and cons of keeping the animals in zoos,a more acceptable approach would to maintain the animals by providing a proper and suitable living conditions to the would result in a win win situation for both the animals as well as the curious

Hello Simon
I really appreciate your effort.
But I'm wondering, why did you mention alternatives in the second paragraph? You categorized this topic as "'strong opinion", then if you strongly agreed, you would mention why you supported this idea in both paragraphs.
But these two paragraphs Would have been more suitable with "partly agree introduction and conclusion" that you agree that ex-prisoners are not the only way to encourage teens not to commit crimes.
But now I feel there is a discrepancy in meaning of overall idea.

Essay teenagers life

essay teenagers life


essay teenagers lifeessay teenagers lifeessay teenagers lifeessay teenagers life