Essay on mariachi music

There was a war like rhythm to the sound structure of the Aztec dancers. The main beat was laid off by the two drummers. It was complemented by the rattles in the feet of all the dancers, in fact the rattles created a sort of melody. You could distinguish between the sound of the two drums because one of the drummers would play softer that the other. The dynamics also changed to give a more dramatic beat and the dancers would move more dramatically to compensate. The tempo stay relatively the same thought out the entire performance. The texture was relatively simple just consisting of the noise coming from the rattles and the drum beat.

Elliott Smith died at age 34 of two stab wounds to the chest, which was ruled a suicide but is still inconclusive by many accounts. A heavy user of drugs and alcohol, as well as a sufferer of mental illness, Smith nevertheless put out six albums before his death, many of which are now acclaimed by cognoscenti as among the best of their generation. But it is Either/Or in which his greatest strengths and vulnerabilities are showcased. Using a spiderweb-thin delivery, over quavering and vulnerable chords, his songs are raw and simple and unusually affecting.

Essay on mariachi music

essay on mariachi music


essay on mariachi musicessay on mariachi musicessay on mariachi musicessay on mariachi music