Essay by sandra nichols

This is a great article filled with advised, I passed it on to some friends. A leadership quality important to me is service. I draw on what and how Christ leaded. Its something that was emphasized in my Bible college class and its some I have observed in not just good but great leaders. They all have an ability to serve who they lead; it something I fell that gets lost now a days service. Its great that you touch on it and not only show students to serve but teachers serve each other by simple communication. This was truly a great article that I will be learning from year from now 🙂

The California State Library has an online index of the Humboldt Historian that covers 1990-2008. It can be searched at: California Information File II, http:///dbtext_html/ . Under "Keyword" type your subject of interest. Under "Title" type Humboldt Historian (not the article title). Subjects are different from the Historian index listed below. You will not find the full text, but once the year and issue of the Humboldt Historian is found, it can be ordered through the Humboldt County Historical Society.

Essay by sandra nichols

essay by sandra nichols


essay by sandra nicholsessay by sandra nicholsessay by sandra nicholsessay by sandra nichols