English literature research essay

Hypertext and the Internet in particular may help to do so by providing resources, for example A Celebration of Women Writers. As for postcolonial literature, there are not many texts available on the new medium, mainly because of the copyright situation, since most of the texts were written after 1923. Jack Lynch's Literary Resources - Other National Literatures314 represents a starting point for postcolonial research. Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature: An Overview315 by George P. Landow offers material concerning postcolonial literature and theory, and provides access to pages where one can find bibliographical and biographical information of some of the most important authors. SETIS Australian Literature Database316 supplies a number of nineteenth and twentieth century Australian texts. The most comprehensive collection can be obtained from Alan Liu's Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature. Minority Literatures317 and Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature. Other Literatures Written in Both pages provide theory and criticism. In contrast to Jack Lynch's project, Liu includes links to author pages which constitute the largest part of these VoS sub-pages. The author pages merely contain bibliographical and biographical data instead of electronic full-text versions. Apart from Chadwyck-Healey's LION, which includes an African-American Poetry database containing nearly 3,000 poems, none of the text archives examined in chapter 3. 2. offers postcolonial works.

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English literature research essay

english literature research essay


english literature research essayenglish literature research essayenglish literature research essayenglish literature research essay