Electric car research paper

Hybrid cars that can not plug in to charge are still tied to the gasoline pump, still require oil changes, smog checks and tune ups. Only a car that plugs in can cut oil dependency.
Hydrogen is a myth not worth waiting for. Compressed Natural Gas is a clean car technology that is here, now. If GM were serious about Fuel Cell cars, it would start by making CNG generally available. Hydrogen cars would need many new power plants to free, compress and store the Hydrogen. The “hydrogen hype” is just a PR campaign to delay battery electric cars.
Electric cars charge up overnight, using off-peak electric power. Electric cars are so efficient, we could easily eliminate more than 40% of our gasoline usage just with existing off-peak electric capacity, as shown on  .

In the ., for example, the technological and economic landscapes are considered encouraging for development of the next wave of vehicles, given Silicon Valley's embrace of autonomous technology and an opening for affordable transportation alternatives. On the other hand, the country's social landscape is discouraging, as private car ownership is deeply woven into the American cultural fabric. Legal issues and likely objections to autonomous technology from auto workers and dealers are also discouraging, but not enough to halt development, Jonas says.

In terms of the auto industry, those are some fairly big heavy hitters. Still, the last time we spoke with Elon Musk he told us he sleeps on Sundays. Meaning, I sure would love to know who is running this organization. FF is of course claiming to be quite well funded, and claims an eight-person marketing team. When pushed about not only the viability of the company, but the reality of launching a car in 2017, I was told, “We’re not Tesla. But we’re not Fisker, either. We’re not fucking around.” Well friends, there’s every single thing we know about the latest all-electric car company to set up shop in the Golden State.

Electric car research paper

electric car research paper


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