Eavan boland poetry essay

A critic always has advantages and disadvantages, strengths and limitations. Where the critic lives or used to live, how the critic lives or used to live, the specialist interests of the critic and the critic's wider interests, what meetings, lectures or exhibitions the critic happens to have attended, and many other factors, may make it harder or easier to do justice to the work, to avoid gross distortion and to arrive at justifiable appreciation, enthusiasm, passion, or justifiable lack of appreciation, dislike, loathing for the work criticized. Seeming advantages may sometimes amount to disadvantages. Later, I discuss some disadvantages of learning and knowledge.

In a section called "Rhetorical Structure and Strategy", in the chapter "Syntax and Rhetorical Structure: Words in Order and Disorder", Annie Finch writes, "Every time you write a poem, and probably before you even begin, you make a myriad of even more fundamental choices about its rhetorical stance and structure. Many of these choices are unconscious, based on ideas of 'what a poem is' that you have absorbed long before. To make these choices conscious, at least once in a while, can be refreshing and even eye-opening." Finch then offers a list of questions to ask regarding a poem's rhetorical structure and strategy, the last of which asks, "And finally, what are the rhetorical turns taken in the poem? How does the poem shape itself so that, when one has finished reading, one feels the poem is over, that something has happened, that something has changed?" [33]

“Like most historic peoples,” women are “defined / by what we forget, by what we never will be: / star-gazers, / fire-eaters” (357). The unsensational and therefore unwritten sufferings of ordinary women, ordinary people, are doomed to become unhistory: “And still no page / scores the low music / of our outrage” (358). Within his story, gristing bread is of no consequence, despite its overwhelming importance in sustaining life; her hearth (a precondition of the “heroics” celebrated by his story ), trivialized into recipes and gossip, is...

Eavan boland poetry essay

eavan boland poetry essay


eavan boland poetry essayeavan boland poetry essayeavan boland poetry essayeavan boland poetry essay