Document based essay

Agile documents are "lean and sufficient" . An agile document contains just enough information to fulfill its purpose, in other words it is as simple as it can possibly be. For example, portions of an agile document could be written in point form instead of prose-you're still capturing the critical information without investing time to make it look pretty, which is in accordance to the principle Content is More Important Than Representation . Agile documents will often provide references to other sources of information, for example a contract model describing the interface to an external system could indicate that the SOAP protocol is being used and provide a reference to the XML DTD and schema definition which define the XML documents transmitted between systems. When writing an agile document remember the principle Assume Simplicity , that the simplest documentation will be sufficient, and follow the practice Create Simple Content whenever possible.

The document-based question (DBQ) is not a summary of documents but a unique essay in which you show off your skills as a historian. You will analyze evidence and organize it with outside information to directly answer a question. There are six steps you can take to plan your essay in about 15 minutes. Start writing with an understanding of the time period and a strong thesis. Present groups of documents with a thorough analysis of their content and sources. Be sure to explain connections and contrasts among them. Finish with a conclusion and wait for a perfect score!

Document based essay

document based essay


document based essaydocument based essaydocument based essaydocument based essay