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Finally, as regards your idea having been though “already thought of” but discarded, as I have seen previously in this thread, thats a bizarre assumption to make. Most large Companies are pretty focussed, both stragecially, and on their current markets, especially if their current markets are immature. You may well have thought further ahead than they have – and if your idea could generate 5 times their current revenue, strategy quickly goes out of the window. In most countries around the world, the law follows common sense, or at least thats the plan, so wherever you are, there are professionals that can help you benefit from innovative ideas . We have an, as of yet non-operational, new business in our country that specifically targets school leavers with great ideas who do not have the capital to start up by themselves. Were not going to invite kids in to pitch, just for the fun of ripping them off and shattering their dreams. Not everyone is that greedy, not even all of the massive corporations out there.

Do my hw for me

do my hw for me


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