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Shane holds an MSc in Supply Chain Management, is a certified lean Black Belt, a certified SAP solution consultant as well as a certified coach in Behaviour Science.  It is through a combination of academic knowledge, coupled with 25 years of work experience that enables Shane to partner with Organisations and help them identify either wasteful processes and/or areas of opportunity for the organisation. A key part of the value offering is to project manage the implementation of projects and ensure that the required governance framework is in place to sustain the improvements and for the company to move towards a High Performance Organisation. Through ongoing Benchmarking against peer competitors, ensure that the organisation maintains a competitive advantage and a sustainable business model.

Quote Investigator : The quote is so entertaining and it fills its niche so well that it is cited repeatedly around the globe. Over the decades the quotation or a close variant has appeared in newspapers such as: Oakland Tribune of California in 1922; The Bee of Danville, Virginia in 1946; Winnipeg Free Press of Manitoba, Canada in 1976; The Sunday Herald of Chicago, Illinois in 1982; the Sun-Herald of Sydney, Australia in 2005; and the Taipei Times of Taiwan in 2008 [SOC1-SOC6]. The words are usually attributed to Socrates and the confusion with Plato is understandable because Plato’s dialogues are the primary source of knowledge concerning Socrates.

Smyth had several passionate affairs in her life, most of them with women. Her philosopher-friend and the librettist of some of her operas, Henry Bennet Brewster , may have been her only male lover. She wrote to him in 1892: "I wonder why it is so much easier for me to love my own sex more passionately than yours. I can't make it out, for I am a very healthy-minded person." [20] Smyth was at one time in love with the married suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst . At age 71, she fell in love with writer Virginia Woolf — herself having worked in the women's suffrage movement [21] — who, both alarmed and amused, said it was "like being caught by a giant crab", but the two became friends. [16] Smyth's relationship with Violet Gordon-Woodhouse is depicted satirically in Roger Scruton 's 2005 opera, Violet .

Dissertation mary anne fields

dissertation mary anne fields


dissertation mary anne fieldsdissertation mary anne fieldsdissertation mary anne fieldsdissertation mary anne fields