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Perhaps we are all off topic. Life is not about religion and which is the best. It is not about whose God is stronger or the one true God. It is simply about living! Religions complicate an otherwise simple system. For example religions give rise to unnecessary wars unless religious fanatics can prove that this is what their Gods want. The Pope want to Christianize the whole world while the Muslims want to Islamize the world. I get the feeling that the Jew want to be left alone. Here is an excerpt from an article that proves religions do more harm than good (and hamper human development):
“… shortly after Mubarak’s ouster, a series of assaults on Christians brought home a stark reality: The fading of authoritarian rule empowered Islamist fundamentalists, known here as Salafis, who have special resentment for Christians.
While the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood has long been Egypt’s best organized opposition movement, the Salafis are a new player in politics. They are ultraconservatives, close to Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi interpretation of Islam and more radical than the Brotherhood. They seek to emulate the austerity of Islam’s early days and oppose a wide range of practices they view as “un-Islamic” — rejecting the treatment of non-Muslims as citizens with equal rights as well as all forms of Western cultural influence.
The Salafis persistently accuse the Copts of trying to spread Christianity in a Muslim nation, echoing Wahhabism’s deep distrust and hostility of other religions.
Mubarak’s regime tolerated the Salafis and they expanded in numbers and power over the years. However, after Mubarak’s overthrow, they enjoyed more freedom than ever before to go after their No. 1 target — Christians.

The only drink Id ever use is RedBull and a little water, prior to some excersize. If Im hitting the roads training the very best product is a real mixed fruit juice, a bannana some time prior, and maybe, just maybe a can of red bull. Ive tried them all… your just rushing on the sugar, nothing much else…. most of the other ingredients in them tend to have latent effects. What I find good about red Bull is that its electrolytic content is beneficial. Other energy drinks are usefull id they are consumed correctly IN ADVANCE because some contain Sodium, which helps reduce the possibility of cramp in prolonged activity sessions.

Dissertation hell shannon twitter

dissertation hell shannon twitter


dissertation hell shannon twitterdissertation hell shannon twitter