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I feel that conditioning theories greatly influence my ideas of how people feel and behave. According to Carver and Sheier (2008), personality is the accumulation of a person's conditioned tendencies. In other words, by adulthood you have a wide range of emotional responses to various stimuli. You also have tendencies to engage in various kinds of actions in a range of settings. This view has three implications for personality assessment that I agree with: it should focus on behavioral qualities rather than cognitions; focusing on observable aspects of emotional reactions rather than a general sense of what a person is like. Second, is that feelings and actions are tied to specific situations or cues. Finally, there is no better assessment then observation (Carver and Sheier, 2008). I feel that self-reports of feelings and behavioral tendencies are not as reliable as simply observing a person's behavior, mainly due to the idea of social desirability factors. I feel as though addicts and criminals are so good at lying and deceiving, that observations of their behaviors would be the most honest way to see their true feelings and actions.

Dialog sample essay

dialog sample essay


dialog sample essaydialog sample essaydialog sample essaydialog sample essay