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Two loads were also introduced, a 210-grain hunting load that reached 1,350 fps and a lighter law enforcement round that achieved only 1,000 fps to minimize recoil. The problem was that even the light police load was deemed too punishing for police work (if you’ve read about the 10mm, this is indeed sounding familiar). The .41 Remington Magnum never served as a law enforcement sidearm in a serious capacity, but for hunters and those who ventured into bear country, the .41 was a good choice. It shot as flat or flatter than the .44 Magnum with most loads, generated less recoil, and produced very similar results on game in the field.

God bless our Benefactors
For this our Christmas cheer:
May blessings rest on them and theirs,
Throughout the opening year.
Freely they have given
Both of their time and wealth
And for their kindness shown to us
Wish them long life and health.
God bless our kindly Master
Likewise the Matron too:
So wise to rule, so kind to bear,
With faults we often do.
Now while we are singing
Our thanks to all we give
Who smile on lowly children,
Long may they happy live.

Deserving of a scholarship essay

deserving of a scholarship essay


deserving of a scholarship essaydeserving of a scholarship essaydeserving of a scholarship essaydeserving of a scholarship essay