Culture ethnocentrism essay

Let's review what we've learned. Ethnocentrism and cultural relativism are two sides of a broader issue dealing with culture. The perspective of ethnocentrism addresses foreign peoples from the standpoint of the superiority of the observer's culture, including values, religion, and symbols. Cultural relativism addresses other people in light of those people's culture. Major issues can arise from ethnocentrism, as people can be dehumanized if their culture is not respected. Issues may also arise from relativism, because some cultures have inequalities and cause harm as part of their traditions and norms. The relativist has no basis to call this harm immoral.

In 1860, Adolf Bastian (1826–1905) argued for "the psychic unity of mankind." [16] He proposed that a scientific comparison of all human societies would reveal that distinct worldviews consisted of the same basic elements. According to Bastian, all human societies share a set of "elementary ideas" ( Elementargedanken ); different cultures, or different "folk ideas" ( Völkergedanken ), are local modifications of the elementary ideas. [17] This view paved the way for the modern understanding of culture. Franz Boas (1858–1942) was trained in this tradition, and he brought it with him when he left Germany for the United States. [18]

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Culture ethnocentrism essay

culture ethnocentrism essay


culture ethnocentrism essayculture ethnocentrism essayculture ethnocentrism essayculture ethnocentrism essay