Compare contrast sample essay 6th grade

Notice that in the sample outline, the argument begins by establishing that the two things being compared are sufficiently similar to bear the comparison . That is often an important point. You should not launch a comparison without indicating why you think these two items belong together in a comparison. For instance, if you set up a comparison in which you compared, say, Peter Rabbit and Odysseus, the reader might genuinely wonder about what these things have in common that enables the comparison between them to make any argumentative sense.

Teacher: I learned a lot about alligators and crocodiles from that passage. I noticed that the way the passage compared and contrasted alligators and crocodiles really helped me understand the ways that alligators and crocodiles are the same, and the ways that they are different. I also noticed that there were certain words and phrases that I saw as I was reading that let me know that this was a compare and contrast passage. Let's go back to the passage now and see if we can find any words or phrases that let us know that the passage is comparing and contrasting two types of animals. [Teacher and students read through the passage again, and create a list of compare-contrast words and phrases that includes both, similar, but, different, compare, and to tell apart.]

With a little creativity, there is no need to limit your data to gender-based statistics. In the graphic above, some elements have been changed in order to compare and contrast German women with Irish women. The male half of the male/female shape at the center (1), has been deleted. A quick copy-pasting of the female half, a horizontal flip, and a color change later, and we’ve got two female halves, one German the other Irish. The male/female labels (2) have been changed to reflect the new data sets. Finally, the little families at the bottom right and left (3) have been altered. The males have been deleted, leaving two females, a woman and a girl. Simply resize, reposition, and recolor all elements that don’t match the new color scheme, and you’ve got yourself a completely different infographic.

Compare contrast sample essay 6th grade

compare contrast sample essay 6th grade


compare contrast sample essay 6th gradecompare contrast sample essay 6th gradecompare contrast sample essay 6th gradecompare contrast sample essay 6th grade