Comparative politics essay outline

Comparative European Politics is rigorously peer-reviewed. It neither reflects nor represents any particular school or approach, nor does it restrict itself to particular methodologies or theoretical perspectives. It publishes substantial articles marking either core empirical developments, theoretical innovation or, preferably, both. The journal particularly encourages pieces which seek to develop the link between substantive empirical investigations and theoretical elaboration and those which transcend the artificial separation of domestic, comparative and international analysis.

6631. International Security 3 sem. hrs. Covers the theories, concepts, and issues underlying conflict and security in the contemporary world. It will include classical and modern perspectives on war and peace, the sources and causes of civil wars and regional conflict, and the prospects for arms control and world peace-keeping operations. Students will be expected to write a research paper on a selected topic concerning contemporary international security. Offered occasionally.

Comparative politics essay outline

comparative politics essay outline


comparative politics essay outlinecomparative politics essay outlinecomparative politics essay outlinecomparative politics essay outline