Belonging acceptance essay

Finally, the ultimate test of when members of an immigrant community stop being “outsiders” is when its sons and daughters offer the ultimate sacrifice by joining a nation’s armed forces. American Muslims and members of other minority communities serve in the . military and in law enforcement, and they do so with communal pride and support from elders. I have met American Muslims who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have been laid to rest as heroes at Arlington cemetery. In Europe, such dedication remains taboo and is still seen as betrayal by fellow Muslims who see a false choice between Islam and the West. To fight for a western country is to oppose Islam, they argue. American Muslims defy that false narrative.

Multiculturalism in Europe needs desperate mending, not ending. And the United States offers instructive insights on how Europe can perhaps heal.

Belonging acceptance essay

belonging acceptance essay


belonging acceptance essaybelonging acceptance essaybelonging acceptance essaybelonging acceptance essay