Bcs maths coursework

We operate an industrial liaison committee who provide us with advice on our courses, and who help us to ensure that our modules are up-to-date. Companies involved include Web Applications UK, AutoTrader, Cooperative, DAI and FastWebMedia. This comprises a mixture of companies for whom IT is their primary business, and companies who make advanced use of IT to operate other types of business. This diversity ensures we see the IT industry from multiple perspectives, which makes our courses as relevant as possible. This committee is clear that graduates from this course will be very employable and that the course name makes it very clear to them that the graduates combine general skills and a specialism.

Students will develop an appreciation for the power of vector calculus and Maxwell’s equations for the description of electromagnetic phenomena, and will gain practical knowledge of Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, as well as thin-film interference fringes and anti-reflection coatings. Additionally, the module aims to enhance students’ understanding of the origin of polarisation, and the relevance of dichroism, along with an understanding of the basic elements of a laser, laser operation and important features of laser light.

Bcs maths coursework

bcs maths coursework


bcs maths courseworkbcs maths coursework