Avi shlaim iron wall thesis

From the first minute Evans spoke, however, it was quite obvious that his eyewitness report was being censored by the higher powers at the BBC. When the BBC later revisited the events of 9/11 with Evans, there was absolutely no mention of the "series of explosions" he had witnessed and talked about on the morning of the attacks. How can that be? Such blatant and intentional omissions are properly defined as censorship.  Evans' astonishing eyewitness account from 9/11 was evidently dropped into the "memory hole" at the BBC. Peter Power's revealing comments about the London bombings met the same fate.

Israel values life by committing awful war crimes, killing hundreds of times more than the Palestinians, using white phosphorous and attacking allies and the UN? The Likud openly denies the legitimacy of Palestinians and Netanyahu says he will never allow a Palestinian state. He also views Arab Israelis as enemies and virtually every country in the world recognizes Israel’s crimes. Israel gets to illegally claim land, not unlike the Nazis. Something no other country gets to do. The UN condems Hamas as much as it does the Likud, but that’s not good enough for Zionists. For Zionists it’s their way or the highway. Enough. The . is now washing it’s hands of Israel, Hasbara/IDF-drone.

Avi shlaim iron wall thesis

avi shlaim iron wall thesis


avi shlaim iron wall thesisavi shlaim iron wall thesisavi shlaim iron wall thesisavi shlaim iron wall thesis