Argument between bpr and tqm

Hi Ravi, Buses to Arunachalam temple (Thiruvannamalai) is available from Vellore City Bus stand which is 2-3km from Katpadi. Katpadi and Vellore is linked by hundreds of buses and plenty of shared autorickshaws. (Available every 30secs). From vellore to Thiruvannamalai takes about 2:30hr. Usually every 1/2hr can get buses to Thiruvannamalai but after 9pm the frequency will be lesser. However there are bus services between vellore and Thiruvannamalai whole night. Some Buses come from Tirupati travelling thru Katpadi to vellore to Thiruvannamalai at rugular interval. So you dont have to worry about buses from Katpadi to Thiruvannamali there are plenty of buses available. And at festival time like full moon day you will get hundreds of special buses whole night for Girivalam purpose

Lady Hale confirmed that the Court of Protection has wide case management powers and a duty to actively manage cases. She noted that the court is entitled to take the view that no useful purpose will be served by holding a hearing to resolve a particular issue. When considering whether this is the case, the court should consider all relevant factors. In this case the court would have been correct to find that the issues raised by his parents, while important to P, were not as important as the overall decision as to where he should live, the CCG had good reasons for denying the parent’s wishes, and P’s litigation friend (the Official Solicitor) supported the CCG’s decision. Lady Hale concluded that the court was right to find that it would be disproportionate to devote any more of the court’s limited resources to considering these matters.

New --allow-script-in-comments option for javadoc
The javadoc tool will now reject any occurrences of JavaScript code in the javadoc documentation comments and command-line options, unless the command-line option, --allow-script-in-comments is specified.

With the --allow-script-in-comments option, the javadoc tool will preserve JavaScript code in documentation comments and command-line options. An error will be given by the javadoc tool if JavaScript code is found and the command-line option is not set.
JDK-8138725 (not public)

Argument between bpr and tqm

argument between bpr and tqm


argument between bpr and tqmargument between bpr and tqmargument between bpr and tqmargument between bpr and tqm