Architectural thesis topics

Will be composed of two parts. The first one is a 260 hour project work during which the partecipants will do a post-occupancy evaluation of one or more buildings or public areas belonging or not to the society they come from, each of them dealing with their own setting. This investigation will be carried out through in situ studies, interviews to users, focus groups, and photos, after a 15 hour lesson to arrange the final dissertation. The aim is to take control of the instruments given by the Master. The second part of 100 hours will be necessary to write the final dissertation. 

The main project consists of the design and construction of full-scale architectural structures at Hooke Park. Designs are developed through prototyping, mock-up and physical testing in collaboration with engineering consultants and specialist builders. For the MSc students, this prototyping exercise is completed in a full-scale experimental timber construction at the end of Term 3, which forms the research basis for the subsequent MSc dissertations. This prototype is designed with the explicit intent to test new architectural applications of timber and radically exploit the woodland and fabrication resources (including new robotic fabrication equipment) of Hooke Park. For MArch students, the main project involves the collective design and construction of an experimental permanent building either at the Hooke Park campus or off site. Construction starts in Term 3 and is completed in the autumn. The range of research topics is broader than the MSc and may encompass individual interests in environmental and construction technologies, alternative forms of design practice or issues relating to Hooke Park's topographic and cultural landscape.

6-8 pages per project isn’t necessarily too long, it just depends on how much information you have provided on those pages (along with how large those pages are physically). One thing you’ll notice in the portfolio above is that each page is fairly reserved with the amount of “message” being delivered. I also don’t have particularly strong feelings about the length of portfolios since they are typically digital now and I am reviewing them in privacy (meaning, you aren’t there while I go through them). The main consideration with including too much is that for most people, all of their work isn’t amazing. Part of the curating process is to make sure that you are only showing your best work.

Architectural thesis topics

architectural thesis topics


architectural thesis topicsarchitectural thesis topicsarchitectural thesis topicsarchitectural thesis topics