Aauw 2010 american dissertation fellowship

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Returning to the ., the newlyweds settled in a New York City house that was provided by Franklin's mother, as well as in a second residence at the family's estate overlooking the Hudson River in Hyde Park, New York . From the beginning, Eleanor had a contentious relationship with her controlling mother-in-law. The townhouse that Sara gave to Eleanor and Franklin was connected to her own residence by sliding doors, and Sara ran both households in the decade after the marriage. Early on, Eleanor had a breakdown in which she explained to Franklin that "I did not like to live in a house which was not in any way mine, one that I had done nothing about and which did not represent the way I wanted to live", but little changed. [29] Sara also sought to control the raising of her grandchildren, and Eleanor reflected later that "Franklin's children were more my mother-in-law's children than they were mine". [30] Eleanor's eldest son James remembered Sara telling her grandchildren, "Your mother only bore you, I am more your mother than your mother is." [30]

Aauw 2010 american dissertation fellowship

aauw 2010 american dissertation fellowship


aauw 2010 american dissertation fellowshipaauw 2010 american dissertation fellowshipaauw 2010 american dissertation fellowshipaauw 2010 american dissertation fellowship